Professional Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Executive Coach, Group Coach, Mentor, Consultant, 

How can I support you as a new and/or experienced leader?

Following many years in education, particularly in leadership positions and in supporting and mentoring new leaders, I have observed many inconsistencies in the support and guidance new, aspiring and experienced leaders are given. My journey of providing support through leadership workshops, professional speaking engagements, executive and group coaching, facilitation, trainings and group planning has given me insights that will allow me to identify areas of concerns and help you move to a solution so that you can be the best you, that you can be!  With a focus on supporting and building leadership in the 21st Century, Heather is able to inspire others to shift their ‘old world’ paradigms and to move themselves to being the best self/best leader they can be!

Are you able to speak at an event we are holding?

Absolutely, give me a call and we will tailor make the presentation. What is the focus you have and how can I bet support you with your key messages.

What is coaching – for individuals and for groups?

  • A partnership between a coach and a client; the conversation both thought provoking and creative.
  • Future focused – inspiring others to dream ‘big’.
  • A time to really be heard; coaches are trained to listen, to observe, and to ask questions.
  • An opportunity for clients to become more self-aware and to become empowered.
  • Solution focused; the client commits to taking action in a timely manner.
  • Supportive and encouraging; enhancing the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already possesses.

Why would I want to work with a coach? Why would I want to have my leaders work with a coach – individually or in a group?

There are a variety of reasons why you or any member of your leadership team may want to work with an executive coach:

  • To more fully develop dreams or to create new opportunities,
  • There may be ‘something at stake such as a new challenge, a potential change in employment, or a growth opportunity,
  • There may be a gap in knowledge, skills, confidence, or resources and you may want to reflect and challenge yourself to fill in the missing pieces,
  • There may be a desire to accelerate results,
  • There may be a lack of clarity, and choices need to be made; success has been strong and new problems may be arising,
  • Work and life are out of balance, and this is creating unwanted consequences; or
  • Perhaps you or one of your senior leaders has not identified his or her core strengths and how to best leverage these.

How can you help me through consulting?

  • CONSULTING diagnoses a problem and recommends a solution. With years in leadership positions, Heather has worked with numerous young and experienced leaders to identify issues and to move toward a focus on solution.

How can you provide mentorship to me or to other young leaders?

  • MENTORING involves guiding, sharing or directing another individual.  Combined with a ‘coach approach’, Heather will ‘grow’ the individual in a comfortable and changing place to  both reflect and determine their own ‘best strategies’. 

Are you able to provide training for my organization?

  • Absolutely, Heather has been facilitating and training both small and large groups. Her facilitation skills are outstanding and she easily builds rapport with participants.

Why would you choose Heather to work with you, your employees, and your organization?

Heather has extensive experience and expertise working with individuals, groups and organizations. Her passion for supporting and growing others is clear. She is a focused and experienced leader. 

  • Teacher, vice-principal, principal, superintendent, deputy superintendent, director in the K-12 education system in 3 Canadian Provinces
  • City University: currently Interim Director for Educational Programs (Master’s in Leadership) in Alberta
  • Life Member in the College of Alberta School Superintendents
  • Management in Not for Profit Organization

“Heather is the consummate professional, a visionary leader, and a person who builds trust and relationships with all whom she works with.”